We’re back this week for a special bonus episode, this time covering something either you love, or you hate…epigraphs in the Strike series. In this episode, we discuss all aspects of the epigraphs, including why they’re important, what they add to the text, and even a few predictions for what we might be able to expect in The Ink Black Heart. Our special guests today are Dr Beatrice Groves and Nick Jeffery, both of whom have written extensively online Hogwarts Professor. Dr. Beatrice Groves teaches Shakespeare and Renaissance English Literature at Oxford University and is the author of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter. She also has a blog over at MuggleNet called Bathilda’s Notebook, at which she discusses aspects of all of Rowling’s works. Nick Jeffery is an engineer living in Wales who recently rekindled his love of reading through Jo’s works, and was the person who, through clever online sleuthing, discovered the sixth Strike novel’s title before its reveal.